11th date of the JPS 2015 Summer Tournament

The Player

You have to make the recognition of Rafael Rodriguez of Uruguay de Coronado, who with a double gave the three points to his team on Perez Zeledon; but the figure of the day was Dexter Lewis who saved a penalty and scored a goal saving a draw for his team that visited the Valle del General.

The Gol

Ariel Rodriguez made the most beautiful goal of the date, the fourth purple goal came from the Saprissa striker who managed to place the ball to the left of the goalkeeper near where spiders weave.

The Error

José Salvatierra although was not punished by the blow he gave to a player, what he did comes from a player who forgot that is a professional, who came back and is fighting for a place. Along with this the referee who was a few meters away and missed or ignored the play.

Other information

Saprissa took the lead and Santos took second place.


Limón 1 - 0 Cartago
AS Puma 2 - 2 Alajuela 
Belén 0 - 0 UCR
Uruguay 2 - 0 Pérez Zeledón
Santos 1 - 0 Heredia
Saprissa 4 - 0 Carmelita