13th date of the JPS 2015 Summer Tournament

The Player

Being a day with 4 draws we can name like figures leaders of the tournament, as only Saprissa and Perez Zeledon won and took the opportunity to be released in the table in case of the purples and climb to second place as in the case of the South Warriors.

The Gol

The goal of the day came from the right side of the offensive Generaleña when Aaron Navarro made a dribble toward the center, and left two rivals and managed to place the ball in the frame angle defended by Carlos Mendez. The goal meant the tie to 1 AS Puma against UCR in the Green Arena.

The Error

In the Estadio Eladio Rosabal Cordero ran the 5th minute when a ball was not carrying anything dangerous and drifted to Chiqui Brenes who opened the score against Belén, all thanks to goalkeeper error output Jusseff Delgado who stayed in halfway and allowed Brenes to defined.

Other information

The next round will face two teams that are currently struggling to avoid relegation (Limón - Puma AS).


Pérez Zeledón 1 - 0 Heredia
UCR 1 - 1 AS Puma
Uruguay 0 - 0 Alajuela
Limón 1 - 2 Saprissa
Belén 1 - 1 Cartago
Santos 1 - 1 Carmelita