A 100 on day three of the World Open

The Costa Rica national team faced the day with the participation of four of their own, all day progressed and thus leave the full team for tomorrow.

It is the first female participation by Leilani McGonagle and Lisbeth Vindas, who won their first authoritative World Series, which puts them in round 2 -of 5-; besides Anthony Fillingim who shine again, besides Maykol Torres progressed in his first test for the playoffs.

Leilani, the first to enter the water, had to face surfers from Panama, Japan and Uruguay, combined 12.00 (4.17 + 7.83) enough to pass for more than 4 points to second place in the series, Nao Omura of Japan.

As part of the national multichampion, Lisbeth Vindas, this could be combined 8.06 (4.33 + 3.73), in the heat that touched surfers face Uruguay, Switzerland and Panama. The jacobeña and MacGonagle, will do their best to stay in the main event.

On the mans side, from Santa Teresa Cóbano, Puntarenas, Anthony Fillingim who has not seen anything but victory in each of his heats, today he took out he's best weapons to combine higher than anyone in the world (16.36) and the second step scoring wave of the event best score to date: 9.43, today against surfers from Mexico, New Zealand and Chile and now he is in the quarter finals.

And finally, the one that completed a perfect day for Costa Rica in the third round, was Maykol Torres, who won twice today after winning his heat and also attend his Australian opposite, who was drowning due to dislocated shoulder during the heat, but thanks to the intervention of Torres at the right time he's fine.

Tomorrow the action again at 7:00 am (Costa Rica), with outstanding male playoffs rounds where the participation of the three male cards in Costa Rica is expect: Maykol Torres, Isaac Lopez Vega and Gilbert Brown.