Adriana Rojas and Andrey Fonseca achieved Bronze

This Saturday the mountain national team had their participation in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Veracruz, Mexico. The first to compete were the ladies Adriana Rojas and Milagro Mena representing our country.

The gold medal went to Campuzano, who clocked 1:23:30, the Silver medal went to his compatriot Morfin with a 1:01 and Adriana Rojas gets the bronze medal at 2:51.

The turn of the men came, Andrey Fonseca and Luis Camacho undertook the struggle to get another medal for our country, its main rival, the Colombians.

The ticos started the test with a lot of energy, they were pointers to the close of the first round, but as the circuit is continued the colombians Leonardo Páez and Fabio Castaneda imposed on the rest of rivals, being Páez the strongest man of the proof to win with an advantage of 3 and a half minutes from the other competitors.

Páez gets the Gold and recorded a time of 1:31:48, second was Castañeda with a  3:56 getting the silver medal and our young talent, Andrey Fonseca gets the bronze medal with a time of 1:36:22 (a 4:34). On the other hand, Camacho kept the sixth position with a time of 8: 59. With Great pride and effort Fonseca and Rojas give our country the first medals of the Games.