Alvaro Ortiz wins again the National Stroke Play 2014

Alvaro Ortiz won his eighth consecutive cup in the National Tournament Stroke Play, which was held in the Sun Valley Golf Course from Thursday November 6th. Ortiz won but it was not easy; the youths Andrés Russi and Paul Chaplet gave the fight to the champion for four rounds of play.

Paul Chaplet finished in second place in the National Tournament Stroke Play with a final score of 295 hits, only 4 away from the champion. Chaplet shared the lead in the first round with Andrés Russi, both players score 75 in the second round was placed third while Russi maintained a 75 gross in the first place shared with Ortiz.

The Professional category was dominated for four days by Maynor Aguilar, who took the championship by beating Juan Marin, second place of the tournament with thirteen hits. Aguilar finished with the total score of 298 (73-76-75-74), while Juan Marin, snatched the second place from Valentín Quirós in the last two rounds, after Marin finished with rounds of 79 and 71 and Quirós 82 and 72, closing with scores of 311 (81-80-79-71) and 313 (80-79-82-72), consecutively.

The child Antonio Bolaños surprised with his good play and excellent scores in the AA category, as the new champion. Bolaños began in a good way leading in the first round with 79 hits, while Joonil Kim improve his game after a 85 at the start and managed to get a 78 in the first position after Bolaños throw an 89 in the second round.

Ximena Montealegre was the queen in the women's division, always maintained the first position, and won the first place with good scores of 79 and 77 in the first days of competition closing with a 74 in the final round, adding 230 punches. Sofia Portela ended with a gross of 80 in the first two rounds and 75 in the last 18 holes, winning a second place with a 235.