Angelo Bonomelli winning the first date of Guanacaste Surf Circuit

Angelo Bonomelli wins the Copa Witch's Rock, first date of the second edition of Guanacaste Surf Circuit presented by Creatures and Costa Dorada which started last weekend.

Facing great surfers as they are, Jason Torres, Tomas King and Michael Zaugg, Costa Rican Italian managed to gain back (won here in 2013 to 2014) an event that puts him as the early favorite to win the title in a tournament that just starts.

"It's one of the first tournaments I've done in Tamarindo with the quality of waves, I was amazed at how cute they were, especially since Tama is known for its small waves and not very strong. Remained so until the end that was very difficult with Tomas, Jason and Michael " Angelo said.

Bonomelli wins the first 1,000 points of the championship and $ 500 to his personal account at an event that gave $ 2,250 in total, divided into three categories (Open, Junior and Ladies) from the ten open for this year's championship.

The calendar of the circuit will be distributed as follows:

  • Tamarindo: 13 y 14 de December.
  • Marbella: 14 y 15 de February.
  • Santa Teresa: 7 y 8 de March.
  • Avellanas: 25 y 26 de April.
  • Playa Negra: 9 y 10 de May.

Final results from Witch's Rock Cup:


  1. Angelo Bonomelli
  2. Jason Torres
  3. Tomas King
  4. Michael Zaugg

Open Women

  1. Cassidy McClain
  2. Jill Kepich
  3. Serena Nava
  4. Merary Jimenez


  1. Leon Glatzer
  2. Dean Vandewalle
  3. Idan Poni
  4. Michael Zuagg

Junior Female

  1. Serena Nava
  2. Coral Williams
  3. Rony Koren
  4. Lia Diaz


  1. 1. Dean Vandewalle
  2. 2. Sean Foerster
  3. 3. Orion Eshel
  4. 4. Weslyn Cardoza


  1. Coral Wiggins
  2. Serena Nava
  3. Lia Diaz
  4. Zulay Martinez


  1. 1. Luke Guinaldo
  2. 2. Orion Eshel
  3. 3. Josh Dawson
  4. 4. Tiago Leao


  1. Kalani Abrahao
  2. Charlie Herman
  3. Julien Michaudeau
  4. Surya Folger
  5. Max Babyak
  6. Isaiah Dawson


  1. Brad Hersch
  2. Christian Boos
  3. Ian Bean
  4. Jeff Allen


  1. Forest Folger
  2. Alex Gomez
  3. Noldan Zuniga
  4. Victor Nunez