Are athletes fed properly?

The physical and mental training is one of the most important factors of success in sports. At high levels of competition, training is directed to improve biomechanical skills and maximize physiological functions to improve performance, and it should take into consideration that there are some dietary factors that influence it.

As a sports nutritionist, daily I receive patients who practice a specific sport and seek to optimize performance in their body composition by incorporating an eating plan suited to everyday life. Nowadays... are athletes fed properly?

Several studies worldwide, as the one performed at the University of Syracuse, reveal that some sports such as soccer and strength sports, have an adequate intake of nutrients, however, activities such as dance, body building, gymnastics, swimming, triathlon and wrestling, have a poor diet with nutrients deficiency because of low calorie diets, seeking to decrease body weight or fat mass.

It is for this reason that eating plans and objectives must be divided by seasons, for example nutrition for training and for competition.

With the nutrition for training the basic functions of food must be:
     1. Provide energy
     2. Regulate metabolic processes
     3. Support the growth and development of tissues.

Nutrition for competition, foods seek to provide energy and regulate metabolic processes, which means, this stage should not focused on an increase in muscle mass, but to provide optimal athletic performance by feeding. A low calorie diet will not improve performance or at least it will not be its primary goal.

Look for a specialist in sports nutrition, who along with a trainer could establish clear goals at the RIGHT time without neglecting important processes such as the preparation and recovery.
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