Athletes learn to select and cook their own food

The department of nutrition of the National Olympic Committee of Costa Rica held its first cookling workshop for athletes whose sole purpose is that athletes learn how to choose and cook their own food.

A class attended by David Jimenez (49 kilos), Eduardo Sanchez (64 kilos), Jason Ramirez (75 kilos) José Moya (81 kilos) and bronze medalist of the Central American and Caribbean Games José Gaitán (+91 kilos).

With a basket in hand, nutritionist Catalina Fernandez, former player of the national volleyball hall of our country, indicated to the fighters they should pay attention when they are buying products.

"The first was to give an induction of the foods they must purchase and that is all natural, well what kind of oil and how it should be applied to the pan to cook, remove of the menu fried food, and of course fruits, legumes and vegetables you should not miss on their purchases, " said the nutritionist.

Today's class was basic, how to make rice with green beans, green salad with tomato and avocado, natural fresh (mango), steamed carrots and chicken breast (no fat) cooked with a little oil.

After seeing the pros and cons of some foods the second part of the talk was to see them cooking their food.

"Avoid excess oil, salt and spices. If you cook not tell their wives, mothers or who cook them how to prepare food, and strive to always have the proper amounts. What you eat will be reflected in their training and fighting, " said Fernandez.

Athletes convinced

For athletes the work featured by the nutritionist Fernández will be fully implemented.

"It is better to buy vegetables and legumes and so we can cook based on our needs," Gaitan said.

"Many times we put us to a restaurant without knowing how they cook and the chicken is filled with oil because everything is cooked in the same pan" refuted.

"I experience at the games of Kazakhstan, I did not like the food because it has a lot of seasoning, I went to a local market to buy milk and cereal, now I can cook pastas and vegetables too, this workshop will help us a lot," said the boxer David "medal "Jimenez.

Meanwhile Henry Nunez, President of the Olympic Committee of Costa Rica, said that these practices are to further develop among all athletes because it is a fundamental part of your sports progress.

"It is the responsibility of every athlete to carry out fully their nutritional needs. Your exercises should have the necessary resistance to your workouts, we don't want them to have fatigue or even an injury to eat something that does not help you run your practice, " said Núñez Nájera.