Bacherer and Carvajal won at Hacienda Solimar

The crew Eric Bacherer and Marco Carvajal won the fourth round of the National Rally Championship held this Sunday at the Finca Solimar in Cañas of Guanacaste. The Solimar rally had a total of 12 special stages for a final cumulative 77.4 kilometers.

The dispute of the first six sections was performed from 9 in the morning and after TC6 where Eric and Marco Carvajal Bacherer the Mitsubishi Evo with the number 10 located in the first position with a cumulative time of 18:53:41. Second place was held by Andres Molina and Eduardo Corrales in the Mitsubishi Evo with number 50 and with 15: 4 distance from Bacherer and Carvajal.

José Andrés Rodrigo Quirós Montalto and Subaru Impreza STI on the number 80 faced mechanical problems from the first stage and still managed to stay competitive and close in third place in the N4 with a record of 19:44:12.

Gerardo Moreno and Rebeca Moreno first place in the N3 and fourth in the Absolute, his time was 19:58:33. Esteban and Alejandro Bejarano on the Toyota Yaris recorded so far the top of the N2.

The fourth overall and first of the N3 class was held by the brothers Gerardo and Rebecca Moreno in the Peugeot 206 with a time of 41:38:30 followed by Marvin Gomez and her daughter Brenda on the Hyundai Tiburon.

The N2 category won by the pilot Kenneth Gonzalez and Marianella Quesada in Hyundaii Accent with a cumulative 49:01:83.

Although the Organising Association Rally did not even officially scorecard, Jose Andres Montalto unofficially assumed the lead in the Absolute category with two points, while N4 Bacherer leads with two points ahead of Montalto, so th end of the season will define the champions.

The fifth day and the end of the 2014 season of rally in Costa Rica is scheduled for a Super Special Stage in the Pedregal Center for events on November 23.

Solimar Rally Results


  1. Eric and Marco Carvajal Bacherer
  2. Jose Andres Montalto and Rodrigo Quirós
  3. Andres Molina and Eduardo Corrales


  1. Rebeca Moreno Gerardo Moreno and
  2. Marvin and Brenda Gomez Gomez
  3. Erick Xirinachs and Arturo Suarez


  1. Kenneth Gonzalez and Marianella Quesada
  2. Marlon Morales and Alex Arroyo