Bathing Suits. What equipment is appropriate?

For swimming we chose a shower cap, sunglasses and a swimsuit, then we only go into the water, but sometimes we do not take the time to ask ourselves if we are selecting the proper equipment to begin with the aquatic activities.

Among the range of materials that provides the market of the swimsuits you will find: Lycra, cotton, polyester, nylon or neoprene.


The cotton is a fabric which is very comfortable for being lightweight; however, it is not advisable to use a suit made completely of cotton, because when you train a lot of time in a swimming pool, it will deteriorate by the action of chlorine on the garment.


This is a material that has been used with greater frequency because the technology has enabled its development, it is one of the best options to choose from because it molds to the body of the swimmer. And because its main function is to make the water to bead up and make mobility easier.


-Neoprene -

Of this material are made the costumes for diving, surfing, and is currently being used to build race suits for triathlon. One of the functions that meets is to be a thermal fabric and is recommended for very cold waters because it prevents enter in a state of hypothermia.



The biggest advantage that has a material such as nylon is its resistance against chlorine, since it does not tear easily and dries very fast. Is the fabric to the bathing suits most commonly.


- Polyester -

Presents benefits very similar to the above, except that unlike the Nylon, its drying time is much longer.

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