Bernal Valverde finished 18th in World Karting ROK

"It was a very difficult weekend, from day one I knew it was not going to be easy compared to the past. This time I did not find comfortable at all with the logistical, nor the track or the performance of the kart. Sorry we did not work as well as I would wanted. "Said the pilot Bernal Valverde.

The Costa Rican pilot Bernal Valverde ended Saturday its participation in the World Karting Rok category in Lonato, Italy. The national finished in 18th place at the end of the event, after a difficult weekend in South Garda Karting circuit.

"In the end, when there was no more to risk, I think I did the race with enough confidence and departing from the 14th position, I was able to continue through several laps, but it was difficult to keep the kart, it did not give the performance I needed and could not reach the speed I wanted, but still a 18th place in the final is a lot for the performance that had " Bernal said.

Bernal, 24-year-old added his fifth participation in this test and where his best finish was in 2011, where he finished tenth among 100 competitors.

Costa Rica also thanked his sponsors, Techno Lite, Delisser Racingy and Repuestos Gigante. In addition to this the Costa Rican Federation of Engines (EMCF), which awarded the national representation.