Central American Surf Championship

The national team is already in El Salvador and ready to face the Central American Surfing Games that start tomorrow in Puerto La Paz de la libertad.

Costa Rica seeks to achieve the the first place as a team and get gold medals in each of the 12 categories of this event, an event that marks quite trajectory created in 2006. The team entered today its second training session in order master a complicated wave shown by its short size.

At 3:00 pm today officially started the event with the opening ceremony to be held in Puerto La Paz, where the four teams confirmed will walk through the streets of the village. Guatemala reported late that they will not be at the event.

  • Open: Danny Bishko, David Herrera, Maykol Torres y el cuarto está por nombrarse.
  • Female Open: Leilani McGonagle, Emily Gussoni.
  • Junior: Esteban Chávez, Leonardo Calvo, Kevin Montiel y Malakai Martínez.
  • Junior Female: Paula Duarte.
  • Boys (under 16): Dennis Picado, Aldo Chirinos.
  • Master: Geancarlo Loría y Gustavo Castillo.
  • Longboard: Anthony Flores, Adolfo Gómez.
  • Bodyboard: Yasdany Castro y Alfonso Rivas
  • Stand Up Paddle on waves: Brian Sandoval y Dennis Picado
  • Stand Up Paddle on waves (Female): Edith García.
  • Stand Up Paddle race: Diego Chévez y Brian Sandoval
  • Stand Up Paddle race (Female): Edith García

The event can be viewed live: www.TVX.com.sv.