Costa Rica's national surfing team brings to the country the first team olympic medal

For the first time in the history of the sport to Costa Rica, the national team will return to the country with the copper medal for an Olympic team, after closing fourth in the World Mayor that ended in Peru.

Thanks to the new and epic second place in the World Championship won by Anthony Fillingim, sixth place Leilani McGonagle, pushing the team for the playoffs and the conviction of the Federation of Surf with the hiring of Gustavo Corrales as coach, Costa Rica achieved its best global ISA in history since 1990.

Fillingim for the third time in this World Cup, advanced to the Grand Final after climbing for the playoffs until the end of that key in the absence of 50 seconds, losing in the fourth position and with the only left that ran during the day, score with an 8.33, enough to unseat a Peruvian and the first Costa Rican to win the pass to the final of a major event.

Already in the Grand Final, it appeared that the tico would win the gold thanks to the best wave of the heat run so far with an 8.50; however, the Argentine Leandro Usuna combined 18.53 in the final minutes, sending to a second place to the tico that marked the first individual silver medal for Costa Rica in a World Cup Open.

After the Olympic medals won by Anthony and Costa Rica, in addition to those achieved in the Master Craig "Tequila" Schieber in 2011 and 2013, also the one by Noe Mar McGonagle as a junior in 2012 and the two by Leilani McGonagle in 2014 as a junior. Seven medals in total for Costa Rica.

Meanwhile, the surfer of 14 years old Leilani McGonagle, sixth of the world that was at her best in the World Open equaled the best performance achieved by other national, Nataly Bernold who was 6 at the World Open Portugal 2008.

According to the coach Gustavo Corrales, this was a group of very professional people that work with the proposed strategies, always respecting and taking into account the experiences, dreams and commitment of each surfer.

"I am totally satisfied with the team's work, which is reflected in the results. We took more than a silver medal and a copper medal by teams, we get back to Costa Rica as mature people, which is reflected in the level of each surfer " Corrales said.


  • 1. PERU 11402 pts.
  • 2. AUSTRALIA 11340
  • 3. ARGENTINA 10922
  • 4. COSTA RICA 9508
  • 5. ECUADOR 8330
  • 6. SUDAFRICA 8268
  • 7. CHILE 7830
  • 8. PUERTO RICO 6720
  • 9. JAPON 6540
  • 10. PANAMA 6400
  • 12. MEXICO 6340
  • 13. URUGUAY 5760
  • 14. COLOMBIA 5540
  • 15. SUIZA 4560
  • 16. ESCOCIA 3952
  • 17. TAHITI 3756
  • 18. RUSIA 3456
  • 19. VENEZUELA 2520
  • 20. ISRAEL 2280
  • 21. TURQUIA 1152
  • 22. DUBAI 720