Costa Rica snatched the match to Nicaragua

A 7-meter throw at the last moment of the game gave the victory to the nationals 22-21.

With four minutes to seal the game, the girls of the handball team lost 17-21. And to add drama to the moment the referee played the rule of two minutes to Estefanía Arce and Tamara Alfaro almost simultaneously.

The ticas lacked precision and forcefulness when scoring. However, with pure heart and a good work of the goalkeeper Alejandra Benavides the girls ended up pulling out the boat and came ashore.

The game was characterized by a lot of physical touch. Besides Arce and Alfaro the referee applied the rule of two minutes three times to the players Alejandra Alvarez, Evelyn Blanco and Mariela Monge.

When it seemed that the game ended in a tied a foul on Alfaro became the scoring opportunity for Costa Rica. Responsible for executing the shot of 7m Blanco the captain who was very peaceful and quiet got the point 22 and the first win of the Sele in Veracruz.

In addition to Costa Rica Cuba won (39-19 to Dominica Republic), Puerto Rico (32-14 to Colombia) and Mexico (35-13 to Guatemala).