Costa Rica swept the ninth Central American Surfing Games!

For the ninth time in nine times they have entered the Central American Surfing Games, Costa Rica decisively, won today in El Salvador after winning 10 of 13 possible gold medals in the waves of Puerto La Paz, La Libertad, moved that gave back the title of Central American Surf Champion.

Although it was a cold start in the third and final day of competition, where the Ticos not sat head during the first two races of the day in Prone (rowing race by hand) and SUP Race, in which copper and bronze was achieved respectively, the gold streak began with the victory of Edith Garcia in the categories SUP Race Female onwards.

So in the three -of 13- categories where the Ticos failed gold was in Prone, SUP Race Male and Bodyboard where the Panamanian Edwin Nunez became the victory; however, the Ticos certainly could put at least one representative in each of the different divisions.

The categories were conquered by the tricolor Open, Women's Open, Junior, Junior Women, Boys (U16), Longboard, Master, SUP Surf, SUP Surf Sup Race Female and Female, branches that won with determination in each of the final that were run.

While the work of the national team was exceptional, the leading figure for this ninth edition, was the puntarenense Leonardo Calvo 17 years old, who in the most important so far in his young career tournament was shown as the surfer more radical, more readable and highly competitive, virtues that led him to crown the Open and Junior.

"Since we arrived in El Salvador I could connect with the wave quickly and start my heats. Step by step I won, heat by heat and by the end I was only repeating what I had done the first two days. I Really thank my team all the support to achieve this, " Leonardo said.

After the action, the kid from Barranca de Puntarenas, tied the record of youth Noe Mar McGonagle imposed a year ago in the Open category with 17; however, is the first surfer in the history of the championship to crown the Open and Junior categories in the same event.

So with the 18 medals won by the team of Costa Rica, of which 10 are gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze and 4 copper the Ticos returned home via land  undefeated since 2006 when the event was born.

El Puerto de La Paz in Liberty, today offered waves to the chest with amazing series that failed to be run one of the best Central American Championships in waves in history.

The next edition of the Central American Surfing Games move to Nicaragua in 2015, just a year after Costa Rica receives for the third time the games, in 2016.


  • Open: Leonardo Calvo (CRI)
  • Open Female: Leilani McGonagle (CRI)
  • Junior: Leonardo Calvo (CRI)
  • Junior Female: Paola Rodriguez (CRI)
  • Boys (sub 16): Aldo Chirinos (CRI)
  • Longboard: Anthony Flores (CRI)
  • Master: Geancarlo Loría (CRI)
  • Bodyboard: Edwin Nuñez (PANAMÁ)
  • SUP Surf: Dennis Picado (CRI)
  • SUP Surf (femenino): Emily Gussoni (CRI)
  • SUP Race: (Nicaragua)
  • Sup Race Female: Edith García (CRI)
  • Prone (rowed by hand): Kalani García (PANAMÁ)


Ranking by country

  1. Costa Rica
  2. El Salvador
  3. Panamá
  4. Nicaragua