Eating "Lighter"

Many times after a week like Easter, after vacation, holidays, birthday’s celebration, an anniversary or even if you were with a very bad cold, we neglect our food, consciously or unconsciously, we ignore certain healthy habits and this leads us to feel heavy, tired, or even anxious, again

This week in #MOVeat we want to talk you about some foods you can include in your diet to feel better, lighter, clean, finally: healthier.

Return to the practice of making meal times, sleep, drink water and go back on your exercise routine will guarantee you physical well-being, mental and emotional, also.

To achieve that feel the secret is to avoid eating processed food: spicy, or prepared with high amount of fat or sodium; and include in your diet, natural foods like: fruits and vegetables, whole grains and cereals, vegetable fats and use species and natural ingredients that will provide you any other benefit besides a good flavor.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, these are substances that help to protect cells, retard aging, strengthen the immune system, such as citrus fruits like orange or tangerine that are rich in vitamin C, papaya is a highly digestive fruit, grapes are rich in antioxidants that help detoxify the body, pineapple is diuretic and contains bromelain which is a substance that helps us to digest proteins better. Vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, spinach are good for circulation, cleanse the digestive system and improve the body's defenses.

Try to eat raw vegetables and salad, and if you cook them do not add fat. Also when you prepare meat (chicken, fish, or meat) avoid fried preparations and very fatty meat. Use onion and garlic because they are natural cleaners.

It is important that these (fruits and vegetables) occupy the first place in snacks and the half of your plate at lunch or dinner.

Also, if you are prepare juice at home we suggest if you have a normal weight and do not suffer from diabetes, sweeten with honey avoiding substitutes or sugar at least a couple of days a week , because this stimulates the liver and contains simple highly purifying sugars for our digestive system.

Regarding cereals and grains it is important eat them as natural as possible like: potato, sweet potato, cassava, plantain (prevents prepare it fried) or cereals such as oatmeal, oat bran, wheat germ, or brown rice. These are rich in fiber that will help you improve your digestion and feel satisfied faster.

Now is the turn of Naty to tell her side of the story:

Sometimes when we change our eating plan we tend to feel like everything fell apart. Have you ever been there? Well, it happens to me and it’s difficult to go back on track, but you have to do it because you’re not going to lose what you won in months for a couple of bad days. So, you start to feel heavy, different, I say that is a dirty sensation and I need to feel light and clean again. That’s when some food start appearing in the story, food that will help us feel good again to continue on our regular plan.

Just after Easter, I was eating some type of food like grapes, pineapple, a couple of juices that helped clean my liver and stuff like that that made me feel good and putted me back on track. Sometimes is necessary to do this, but you got to know that you can’t decide this kind of things by yourself, you must ask a professional about this. I asked Sofy if I could do it and she made me a menu for me, knowing what things I could include on my diet depending on how I am an what my body needs, so if you decide that you need to clean you body a little, ask your nutritionist to see what can you eat.

On my special diet for a couple of days I avoided sweeteners, salt, I ate a lot of grapes, grape juice, apple juice, pineapple, celery, carrot, chicken broth, salads, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, skim milk, vegetables, things that helped me feel very good and go back to my regular plan. We got to have clear that we’re humans and we’re not perfect and sometimes we fail as we said last time, period, it happens in the life of a normal person and it’s as simple as keep on going, just do not forget that every change that you make you have to ask to your nutritionist first.

Two of the juices I had these days were this two, you can drink them every now and then to feel better, I recently posted them on my blog, maybe they could help you, just follow Sofy’s instructions and make sure you don’t have a condition that prevent you from drinking them.

Apple, celery and carrot juice.

Orange, pineapple and celery juice.

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Sofía Ochoa Ávila Dra. Sofía Ochoa, Nutrititionist

Sofy have a degree in Nutrition, shes graduated since 2010, and duly registered at the Association of Professionals in Nutrition with the code 658-10 and owns AyE Nutrition, Nutritional Counseling and Education. She give's private nutritional care and counseling in different nutritional themes and speaks the Costa Rican Sign Language (LESCO).

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Natalia Salazar Graphic designer, art director and professor.

Naty is a designer that at some point in her life, in the middle of wedding plans decided to live a healthier life and the less thing she was expecting was to fall in love with all to that. Now she shares all her experiences at her blog and on social media in order to motivate other people to do the same and continue through this path together.