Esteban Castillo finishes fourth in Latin American Supercross in Ecuador

The Costa Rican driver Esteban Castillo finished in fourth place in the Latin American Supercross Supercross Championship in the SX2 class that Friday night was held at the Milton Torres Extreme circuit, located in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchila in Ecuador.

The country was in the circuit since last Thursday dealing with various practices and previous classifications to the main event and was among the most prominent times among drivers from countries such as Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala and Colombia, among others.

Castillo took third place in the standings and won fourth place at the close of the event, and was overtaken by the Mexican Félix López, Andrés Benenaula of Ecuador, and Mexico also Martín García.

"I finished in fourth place. Since the afternoon it started to rain and at night when the rankings began even worse. In qualifying I managed to finish third and fourth in the race, the track is too difficult with mud and it was pretty much a river. Thank God we're going to Costa Rica integers and truth because only happy ending was a challenge, " said Castillo from Ecuatorian soil.

Proof of SX2 division had a total of 15 laps of 720 meters length. Castillo was the only country in this event, hosted by Colorado Motoclub with the support of the Ecuadorian Federation of Motorcycling.

Esteban returns to Costa Rica to focus on preparing for the final of the 2014 Motul November 2 at Pista La Olla  where the title will be played in the MX2 National Motocross Championship.

Castillo had national representation and the support of the Motorcycle Federation of Costa Rica (FMCR).