Esteban Castillo goes to the Latin American Supercross in Ecuador

Costa Rican pilot Esteban Castillo travels on Wednesday afternoon heading to Ecuador to represent Costa Rica in the only race of Supercross Championship in the SX2 class.

The test will take place this Thursday and Friday in the Circuito Extremo Milton Torres, located in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchila, about two hours from Quito and is organized by Colorado Motoclub with the support of the Ecuadorian Federation of Motorcycling.

The Costa Rica, which belongs to Jet KTM  Repsol Team, is one of the two pilots that compete for the national title in the MX2 Class SX2 which includes motorcycles from 100 cc to 125 cc two-stroke or from 175cc to 250 cc 4-stroke motorcycles. The minimum age for this class is 15 years.

In addition to Costa Rica will be participating pilots from Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala and Colombia.
Esteban will practice on Thursday to get learn the track and tune the motorcycle. On Friday will be two qualifying heats, with a total of 6 laps and the race will have a total of 15 laps of the track.

Castillo has national representation and the support of the Federation of Motorcycling Costa Rica (FMCR).