First day of the Summer National Championship of Motorcycle Trial

The trial is the sports mode on wheels with or without motor- where he tries to overcome various obstacles in a particular delimited drawn within a marked area.

The trial motorcycling is a discipline in which pilots must overcome obstacles without touching the ground with the body, or fall. Essential skills are balance and planning of movements to advance in the path.

The event was in the Alto de las Palomas in Santa Ana and also an event of Bike trial took place.

Patricio Castiglioni was a pioneer in the trial, begins 1977 with pauses as it also ventures to motocross. "I've done this sport for about 30 years but with pauses ..." says proudly Patricio, then joined his friend Roberto Alpizar who also has about 27 years of being in this discipline, are the pioneers of motorcycle and bike trial in Costa Rica.

Despite many years is still not widely known trial in Costa Rica, leaving his legacy to their children, Ronald Alpizar current national champion motorcycle trial and PatricioJunior who practice trial bike.