Gabriel Marín fell

A spectacular closing and a finishing touch for a great performance was spected but a multiple crash ended the hopes of the Costa Rican Gabriel Marin on the scratch test, held on Tuesday night and for the second day of track cycling expected of the XXII Central American and Caribbean Sports Games Veracruz 2014.

After 59 laps of the Velodrome 250m Xalapa, in the absence of the final lap to complete the 15 km run, the tico Marin traveling in the group chasing the runaway Alejandro Padilla from Guatemala, when Max Rojas from Venezuela fell, and with it the Antillean Jyme Rodriguez from Antigua, from Barbados Edwin Sutherland and Emile Abraham of Trinidad and the tico, who could not handle the storm.

In the confusion, the eventual hunt fizzled clog and took advantage of the raging river to let a gold medal that few budgeted for it, with a time of 19.14.16 and an average speed of 46,787 km per hour. The silver went to the Mexican Diego Yepez and bronze for the Colombian Yordan Parra.

Fortunately for the Costa Rican rider, the accident left him only a few minor scrapes and bumps, so it will continue to track events in Veracruz will continue until Friday.

En los otros eventos de pista disputados este martes, Andrés Quesada y José Miguel Chacón no superaron las repescas del keirin varonil; Paula Herrera, Katherine Herrera, Natalila Navarro y Daniela Martínez fueron quintas en la prueba clasificatoria de persecución por equipos(5.04.723); y Casandra Rodríguez sétima en la final de 500 m contra reloj femenil (39.053).