Guácimo de Limón enjoyed the sixth date of the National Championship of Cross Country

This weekend the track La Union on Guácimo Limón, hosted the sixth round of the National Cross Country Championships, organized by ACCUA.

A hard day for the drivers that needed the maximum amount of points being the penultimate round of the championship.

A 4x4 category won by Randall Robinson with number 69, the pilot came in third place overall. 4x4 C Erick Zamora number 2 was the winner, leaving behind Fernando Madrigal.

Ronny Segura remains a leader in the 4x2 category A, the pilot who carries the 98 did not give room to any opponent and is only one step to take the crown in its class. For his part in the 4x2 B Daniel Quesada was first place.

A very intense fighting took place in the 4x2 C where Katherine Alvarado first position was left and managed to trim points to Johnny Guzman's main rival in its category, the pilot came with one goal and was to win the date and he got it, now there will be an interesting dispute between these two on the end date.

In the 50 cc category, Cristian Chinchilla without any problem or setback came in first with number 48, while in the 80 cc category Gabriel Corrales was the surprise beating Derek Solano who came in first position.

Summary Date:

4x4 A

1- Randall Robinson

4x4 C

1- Erick Zamora

4x2 A

1- Ronny Segura

4x2 B

1- Daniel Quesada

4x2 C

1- Katherine Prado

50 cc

1- Cristian Chinchilla


1- Gabriel Corrales