In search of glory in the Peruvian waves

The goal is clear, be among the best 30 national teams of surf expected at the World Open Surf Peru that starts this Saturday, today the Costa Rican team travel's to Playa Punta Rocas de Lima. 

Incredible right waves will surf the tricolor that consists of: Gilbert Brown López, Isaac Vega, Anthony Fillingim and Maykol Torres in Open and Ladies: Lisbeth and Leilani McGonagle, the team is completed by the assistant coaches this time, Randall Chaves  and Paulo Vials. 

“Como grupo hemos venido trabajando integralmente con los ojos puestos en levantar el trofeo y cantar nuestro Himno Nacional desde el podio el día de la premiación, no hay otra consigna, a eso se va a un campeonato mundial”

Gustavo Corrales, Technical Director of the group.

On Friday, the opening ceremony with the traditional ceremony of the sands, in this sense, the group will have at least two and a half days of practice  held in Punta Rocas.