José Andrés Montalto towards the 600 Miles of Yahuarcocha

Costa Rican rider José Andrés Montalto travels towards Ecuador Tuesday to begin preparations for their participation in the 2014 edition of the 600 Miles Yahuarcocha one of the most important tests of resistance in South America.

This competition takes place at the Autodromo Jose Tobar, located in the town of Ibarra about two hours from the capital. For this occasion Montalto share the wheel along the Ecuadorian Xavier Villagomez brother of Miguel who competed last year. Xavier is 32 and was second in this race in the 2013 edition in which José Andrés was second with Miguel.

In addition the team will change the prototype in which it will compete for the 2014 edition, now will do a RXC Radical V8, 2.8 liter 460 BHP a car that for the first time will be used in this event, being the latest addition to the team Abro.

"Xavier is an excellent pilot, very fast and the new prototype Radical RXC is more sophisticated in theory we are able to go for the win, I'm very motivated and I feel great physically and look forward for the competition, " said the pilot.

The Costa Rican travel Tuesday to Quito then moved to Yahuarcocha to start the preparations for this difficult endurance race. Plans include driving on Wednesday and preparing scheduled for Friday qualifying, the race will start on Saturday at 1 pm local time.

Montalto, who is the absolute champion of rally in Costa Rica has the support and national representation of the Costa Rican Federation of Engines (EMCF).