Jose Andres Montalto wins the 600 Miles of Yahuarcocha in Ecuador

Costa Rican driver Jose Andres Montalto alongside his team mate Xavier Villagomez from team Abro, won on Saturday night the 2014 edition of the 600 miles of Yahuarcocha in Ecuador.

The test, one of the toughest in South America and ending the Ecuadorian championship, was held from 2 pm at the Autodromo Jose Tobar in the town of Ibarra and where Villagomez and Montalto worked on strategy to achieve the goal of being the first absolute win between categories in competition.

"Just super happy with the result, finally this year I was given the first place, a very difficult race because we had problems with the alternator during every trial and had to do more pit stops than planned. Luck was on our side and rivals had more problems than us and we managed to win this prestigious competition and prepare for the 6 Hours of Bogotá to be held in exactly one month, " said Montalto from Ecuador.

Montalto and Villagomez start in second place, and with this result the Costa Rican exceeds his result of 2013 where he finished third with the pilot Miguel Villagomez, the hard competition last four hours and 30 minutes, about 168 laps.

By regulation each team participated with a minimum of two pilots and a maximum of three, who could drive up to 90 consecutive minutes.

The next round of Montalto with Abro equipment and Radical RXC be held in December.