Julian Sancho will miss the JCC-Veracruz

The Costa Rican judoka Julian Sancho will not be in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Veracruz by being diagnosed yesterday afternoon with a possible cruciate ligament injury, going into surgery Friday.

"Julian has a bruise on his right knee, an injury is suspected of anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments, which is why his knee is unstable, as it is, may not be at the Games in Veracruz" said Dr. Gustavo Castillo, Medical Head of Olympic Committee of Costa Rica.

In addition to this regrettable absence also the triathlete Leonardo Chacon's will missed the Games in Veracruz due to ear infection. Both had a good chance of getting a medal for our country.

Sancho's injury occurred in the last World Youth recently held in Miami, USA where in his first fight with the representative of Portugal, Joao Crisostomo. provoking a potential sprained knee ligament rupture.

Julian Sancho surgery is scheduled for Friday November 7 at 9:00 am at the Clinica Biblica and will be led by Dr. Erik Abarca Solano specialist of Orthopedics and sports medicine specialist from the National Olympic Committee.