Mexico and Costa Rica highlight at the Pan American Enduro FOX

This weekend the old Autodromo La Guácima was the venue for the Pan American Fox Enduro Championship where two Mexican drivers and a Costa Rica were the most outstanding pilots, unofficially, after two days of action.

The first day of competition, Saturday, started at 10 am, with an output of more than 100 competitors vying for the final National Enduro Championship and the Pan American event with representation from countries like Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

The organization had to delay the start and make a change, since one of the sectors for the extreme test was very wet for the pilots. As it was the starting order for pilots to begin the journey of about 90 miles from the speedway to Puriscal, going through San Jose river and Turrubares among other sectors occurred.

The test on Saturday, with cumulative points from Sunday consisted of two laps of the course and two steps for this extreme test which included obstacles like logs, tires, stones and empty Garrucho cable.

The categories are entered in competition E1 machines 125cc 250cc 2 stroke or 4 stroke, 250cc motorcycles E2 2-stroke or 4-stroke 450cc E3, most machines cilindrare to earlier, plus Junior divisions (up to 23 years) and Masters (over 38 years).

On Sunday the action began at 9:00 am and the first test was just the tip located at the Autodromo circuit, the first exit was Mexican Perez E1, the output order is given by the record obtained the previous day.

The bad news came to Costa Rica since Javier Araya, a favorite, and winner of its category on Saturday was unable to leave the competition due to mechanical problems with the bike.

Zavala, from Mexico managed to lift the audience with a performance that ended in a fall that could replenish quickly.

At the end of the event, the organization released unofficial results:

Unofficial Results (Sunday)
503 José Peréz (México) 0:19:59
508 Juan Chang (Guatemala) 0:23:48
506 Michael Vargas (Costa Rica) 0:22:50

600 Alejandro Fernández (Costa Rica) 0:20:11
641 Roy Mora (Costa Rica) 0:25:17
641 Luis Araya (Costa Rica) 0:25:32

707 Jesus Zavala (México) 0:24:48
718 Didier Goirand (México) 0:25:25
717 Héctor Alvarado (Guatemala) 0:26:24

To close and unofficially, the champions are the Mexican Jose Perez in E1, Costa Rican Alejandro Fernandez in E2 and E3 Jesus Zavala from Mexico.