Montalto refines details

The Costa Rican rider Jose Andres Montalto is putting the final touches to what will be their participation in the 29th edition of the Six Hours of Bogota on December 6 at the Autodromo Tocancipá.

Montalto participate as member of the team Abro, Ecuadorian squad with which he managed to be crowned winner of the 600 Miles of Yahuarcocha a few weeks ago.

For this occasion the team will use two Radical prototypes, the white SR8 which competed in the 2013 National Yahuarcocha and SR3 2013 winner of that Ecuadorian test. It is 115 and 114 vehicles that will be driven by Miguel Villagomez, Juan Jose Rivera, Xavier Villagomez and Costa Rican Montalto.

"The 114 and 115 have the same chassis, have exactly the same dimensions, the only difference is the engine. In 115 we go with a V8 of 3000 cc and the 114 go with a 1500cc 4-cylinder in-line engine, both have sequential boxes shifters and going into different categories, but we both have to fight for the absolute " Montalto said.

The Six Hours of Bogota is one of the most important tests in motorsports and in South America for this year riders will participate from Colombia, United States, Venezuela, Ecuador and Costa Rica with Montalto.

The national is performing physical work that is fundamental for addressing long events like this.

For this competition Montalto was sworn in as national representative yesterday by the Costa Rican Federation of Engines (EMCF), which also received the collaboration package (uniforms, helmets, etc) as part of the pilots who enjoy athletic scholarship by this entity.