One more medal

The Costa Rican racquetball player Felipe Camacho already owns a medal in these Central American and Caribbean Games, and though he knows it is early to draw outcomes states that he will go step by step.

The win against Colombia's Francisco Gomez 15-3 and 15-1 marker will repair at least a bronze medal to Costa Rica but as Camacho said, "I want to go further"  be in the final of the Singles category.

"I go day by day, the game tomorrow (Thursday) will be against Mexico's Alvaro Beltran and I know perfectly it will not be like today's. I've played a few times with Betrán many years ago, and in those two opportunities I lost, tomorrow is a different day where I'll go out and leave the skin on the court, I want to reach the final, " said Camacho

At the moment Costa Rica obtained a silver medal in taekwondo with Kristhoper Moitland and four bronzes, two in taekwondo Amanda Sanchez and Katherine Alvarado, and two mountain bike with Andrey Fonseca and Adriana Rojas, the 5th medal it's on Camacho, he just needs wait to see the color of the medal.

One more medal.