Opening Day, round of 64

Opening Day, round of 64

After 62 games were missing the last two games of the first day of competition that would be performed in the main court of Costa Rica Country Club.

In the first match of the night Alberto de Mendiola faced Bryan Husin from Indonesia. The main field was not looking so crowd about 50% of it's capacity, hoping that as the days go public attendance would be greater.

The Costa Rican was going to begin with a 0-1 against him and then Husin would break his serve to put all uphill in the first set. With the score 1-4 Alberto broke the serve, the score 2-4 and a more even match loomed.

The point that followed was 30-0 in favor of the attic, but attacking on the net would fail and trying to stop a ball near the net to make the score was 2-6 in favor of Indonesian.

The second set was similar, Husin dictating the game and De Mendiola tried to fight through with a couple of breaks of serve in favor of Asia. By the end Husin was 6-3. With this the tico was saying goodbye and Husin on his first visit to the Copa del Café  is moving forward to face the lefty Bittoun Kouzmin.

Husin who is participating for the third time in a tournament in a top category cup mentioned that the wind was difficult, specially to use the short ball, adding that he already faced the next opponent he has and won.

Best tico is also out

Today was not the day for national players and Sebastián Quirós was no exception. He was going to face the American Zeke Clark in the main game.

Quirós started very nervous and it was going to affect the score. When he was down by three he broke the service of the player form Tulsa and the game would change completely. With Quirós motivated the party is was going to tie it at 4-4. With Quirós motivated the match was going to tie at 4-4.

Clark break the serve of the tico to make the score 4-5 and in the last game of the set the American had to fight with Quiros to get the sixth point and win the first set.

The second set started much like the first, Clark breaking the serve of the Tico, again they went 3-0 in favor of the visitor. We thought it Sebastian was going to repeat the same reaction when he broke the serve and got his first point of the set (1-3).

With the effort that Quiros made, he began to show fatigue and an injury in one of his legs made it clear that his fight was not his high point and he would fall with 3 points followed by Clark to close the set 1 to 6 .
Clark said that despite somewhat slow start, grabbed pace for the first set and the second set the opponent showed fatigue. "It's my first time the Coffee Bowl and it's a great tournament. I really like it and I'm enjoying "said Zeke Clark.

This closed the participation of Costa Rica in the men's singles. For the second day in night matches we will have Eugenia Camacho facing seeded No. 6 Haugher (USA).