Pentatlon tico debuted in Veracruz

Fabian Ramirez made his mark in the history of Costa Rican stakes in regional sports competitions, becoming on Sunday the first tico in taking part in a test of modern pentathlon in the framework of the XXII Central American and Caribbean Games Veracruz 2014.

Ramirez participated in the events of fencing, swimming, equestrian jumping, precision shooting with laser gun and athletics, finished in 12th place among 17 competitors and secured a spot in the Pan American Games that will take place in Toronto, Canada, in 2015.

Fabian, resident of San Lorenzo de Flores and less than a year of practicing in modern pentathlon after being involved in triathlon, finished 15th in the fencing event with eight wins and 24 losses, and moved up two boxes in the standings 17/02/58 after making the 200-meter freestyle swimming.

In show jumping, mounted the restless Pierrot that even sent him down once, scored 256 points and earned a spot in the rankings to enter the closing ceremony with a penalty two minutes and 44 seconds.

In the last phase of the event, competitors had to meet four alternate series of precision shooting and 800m athletics to define the final standings.

The gold went to the Mexican Ismael Hernandez, silver and bronze for the Cuban José Ricardo Figueroa and Lester Ders del Rosario, and joy for the tico Ramirez, who finished exhausted but with all the enthusiasm to continue leading the way.