PROTEINS: Structures For Your Health

There are many foods that provide protein we both animal and vegetable origin. It is important that these be included in your daily diet so you can reap its benefits, these are:

Vegetable proteins:

The tofu and soy products (meat, sausages, milk) are rich in protein and those alternatives are mostly preferred by those who do not consume animal products such as vegetarians. Seeds like peanuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachio, or peanut or almonds butter are rich in protein and healthy fat, you can eat them as a snack or as part of a salad or main dish. A portion of seeds would be equivalent to the amount of seeds that fits in your hand fist closed.

A combination of grains such as rice (4spoons) and legumes (2spoons) such as chickpeas, lentils or beans, provides a good quality protein, as good as the meat protein. If you're vegetarian your diet should be based on this combination, or if you have a limited budget for food this is a combination that gives you energy and protein also.

Animal Proteins:

Dairy products like milk or yogurt provide animal protein of very good quality and if you consume low-fat would be better. A cup is a serving and ideally consume daily.

Meat is major source of good quality protein, B-complex vitamins and iron. These include beef, pork, chicken, fish, seafood, sausages and eggs. Ideally eat up red meat (beef and pork) 3 times a week and prefer white meat (fish, turkey, chicken). It is recommended to remove visible fat from meat and chicken skin before preparing, because these only provide saturated fat. An appropriate portion for a meal like lunch or dinner is the equivalent of a piece of meat similar to the size of the palm of your hand or 3-4onz.

In fairy egg, if you have a healthy weight, you do not have high cholesterol problems and you're physically active, you can eat an egg a day, 2 egg whites will provide enough protein to count it as a portion or the whole egg, well-cooked will bring good quality protein.

The sausages also provide protein but these are not recommended because they also provide a lot of saturated fat and chemical additives that are unhealthy.

Now is the turn of Naty to tell her side of the story:

Proteins are a part of my daily life, both animal and vegetable, as carbs, they make me fill full and satisfied when I eat them.
Normally I try to combine and not eat the same kind every time because you know that when you eat the same thing over and over again you get bored, and the idea is not to get bored to keep always the good eating as a lifestyle, so we have to be changing the menu constantly.

They’re always present on my daily main dishes, and sometimes even on my snacks, depending on how much I can eat every day, it doesn’t matter if you eat them by themselves or as a part of a plate, you have always to take into account the size of the portion for not losing the proportions. On my diet you can see chicken, beef, pork, eggs, cheese, fish and seafood, everything I can take advantage of to make it part of my plate will be there, if you don’t like some things, you can choose what you like and try to buy a little bit of everything to create different dishes.

My goal for now it’s to lower my fat percentage and increase my muscle and proteins in that case, play a very important role. For example, just after I finish working out, I drink a protein shake that helps me increase my muscle, but Sofy has told me that sometimes I can eat a white bread with peanut butter instead. It’s important to adjust your likes to what you have to eat, we don’t like all the same things, and creativity is essential for you to consume what you need but at the same time liking it, because if you do something you don’t like, maybe after a couple of weeks you’ll stop doing it.

Today I’m going to share with you one of my favorite recipes full of protein, for you to do it at home and it’s the ceviche on coconut milk, if you don’t want to use the coconut milk, you can make it with lime.

You can see the recipe here: http://healthyhappin3ss.com/recipe/ceviche-caribeno-caribbean-ceviche/

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Sofía Ochoa Ávila Dra. Sofía Ochoa, Nutrititionist

Sofy have a degree in Nutrition, shes graduated since 2010, and duly registered at the Association of Professionals in Nutrition with the code 658-10 and owns AyE Nutrition, Nutritional Counseling and Education. She give's private nutritional care and counseling in different nutritional themes and speaks the Costa Rican Sign Language (LESCO).

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Natalia Salazar Graphic designer, art director and professor.

Naty is a designer that at some point in her life, in the middle of wedding plans decided to live a healthier life and the less thing she was expecting was to fall in love with all to that. Now she shares all her experiences at her blog and on social media in order to motivate other people to do the same and continue through this path together.