Pushing the limits of gravity

Elige Tu Deporte had the opportunity to attend for the first time to the event X-Knights 2015 produced by RPMTV. This is a motorcycle freestyle event, which is a form of motorcycle racing in which competitors must take jumps, perform stunts in the air and landed perfectly as if it was by the art of magic.

We must admit that is not part of our daily routine to see people doing flips with motorcycles weighing more than 100 kilos and live to tell about it so it was an event which we couldn't miss.

X-Knights is a consolidated event in Costa Rica for several years already and in 2015 celebrated its ninth edition in a different way because they offered two shows in one, a show of Freestyle Bike and the main course with the Freestyle Motorcycle.

Kenneth Tencio

Kenneth Tencio

On the side of the bikes there were 8 competitors, starting with the French Jeremy Granieri, the Spanish Martxell Arribillaga, Canadian Mike Gray and Brayden Hay, the Spanish Xavy Pasamonte, from the United States Ryan Nyquist and the ticos Lou Uba and Kenneth Tencio.

Followed by Broody Wilson, Pedro Moreno, Jeremy Rouanetde, Javier Villegas from United States, Spain, France and Chile respectively. Finally and most anticipated by the public the Spanish Dany Torres, Japanese Taka Higashino and the French Tom Pages.

If you look all these names online we will realize that this event calls the "Cream of the Crop" of the sport in these two categories and we must say that the tico Kenneth Tencio has the ninth position in the world rankings in his division.

Tom Pages

By having this premise we went to the Ricardo Saprissa where at 7 pm the stadium lights went out and with a burst of screams from the public we knew that the event had begun.

Xavi Pasamonte Sherwy

Taka Higashino

An event where energy flows from the start and each rider we saw had their own show to win the applause of the public. It's amazing to see these athletes and to listen to the people around saying things like:

No! He's is not going to make it  / Mae... Did you see that? Incredible

¡My God he's going to die!  

Kenneth Tencio

Dany Torres

On each heat competitors have a total of two laps on the track, and to classify semifinals will take into account the best score of each round. The French Tom Pages and Costa Rican Tencio were the big winners.

"It's always great to be here in Costa Rica, I am very happy to win, and it was hard against Dany and Taka who gave their best, the audience was wonderful and I enjoyed it alot" said the Frenchman Tom Pages.  

Tom Pages, Taka Higashino y Dany Torres.

The Spanish Xavy Pasamonte was able to create a connection with the audience and was one of the most acclaimed of the night.

Taka and Kenneth after the event having a good time.

BMX legend Ryan Nyquist tried to speak Spanish all night long and closed with a traditional Pura Vida.

The X-Knights 2015 exceeded our expectations in every way, starting with the organizing of the event, the world-class competitors and how the event was aimed to the public, where the competitors try to please the audience to the maximun and even gave the shirt that they were wearing as it was the case with Tom Pages who signed autographs and posed for photos with hundreds of fans.

For people who have never attended this event we can tell you that it's worth going and for those who have already attended we will have to wait for the tenth anniversary to be held in 2016.