Settlement of FECONA with the Public Prosecutor

The Costa Rican Institute of Sport and Recreation (ICODER) sent to the Public Prosecutor liquidation of the contributions made ​​out to the Costa Rican Swimming Federation and Allied (FECONA) corresponding to 2013. According to ICODER the FECONA allocated a total of 15.585 million seven hundred and thirteen colones with seventy four cents (¢ 15,585,713.74), to acts and contracts that were not authorized.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday, October 9 at 1:40 pm by  ICODER's legal advisor  Mr. Eduardo Alfaro, he intends that the Attorney General determines whether there is liability by the Swimming Federation in the proceedings.  

In three separate parts, the ICODER  assigned FECONA in 2013 to over a total of ¢ 85 million, broken down into ¢25 million, ¢37.5 million and ¢22.5 million for the development of plans and programs previously supported by the Office of institutional Sports and approved by the National Council of Sports and Recreation. In liquidations expenditure of ¢ 10,056,000 object of the first contribution; ¢ 2.205 million in the second and third ¢ 3.323 million.

On August 21, the FECONA was prevented by ICODER that these questioned amounts must reinstate; seven days later, the directors requested a further review of the decision, and on September 2 the ICODER reiterated its determination.

Finally, on September 18 last the Institute of Sport he notified Swimming Federation which would go to the relevant legal authorities, which occurred on Thursday with the presentation of the prosecution case.

According to Carolina Mauri, Minister of Sports and Chairman of the National Council of Sport and Recreation, "We are bringing this case before the courts in order that the facts reported are investigated and the corresponding responsibilities and possible penalties are determined ".

To Mauri, "the resources available to the sport are limited, so it is of interest of this administration to promote greater efficiency in the use of public funds through the surrender of clear and transparent accounts."

"Managing ICODER as auditor of public resources to provide federation and sports associations is to implement administrative contributions and settlement procedures under the laws and internal manuals," concluded the Minister.