Seventeenth date of the JPS 2015 Summer Tournament

The Player

Saprissa fans brought receives loan to Uruguay de Coronado, Jonathan Moya with great expectations and at this date and is gaining popularity. This time with a brace was the date figure, helping his team to get the three points of access.

The Gol

Bruno Castro from Belen team gave us the goal of the day. The Belemita second goal was a great class collection of Castro, who placed in the angle a direct free kick that ran from about a meter outside the area and also went over the wall to beat goalkeeper generaleño.

The error

It is the third or fourth time that the League has an "alternative" team, which has been a mistake of Macho Ramirez and the manuda desapruba hobby. This alternative team has players who have been part of the first team are new acquisitions or coming from minors.

Other information

A problem between Cardetti coach Uruguay de Coronado and Erick Scott, Limon player, but limiting the milkman box before starting the tournament was presented. The problem was supposedly a phrase that the coach told the front, where he said that scored les 3 home and 3 visit, which had stayed in Uruguay better, so the player enraged Limon.


Cartaginés 3-1 Alajuelense
Herediano 2-1 Carmelita
UCR 0-1 Santos
Uruguay 3-1 Limón FC
Pérez Zeledón 1-3 Saprissa
Belén FC 2-0 AS Puma
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