Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015

Los Angeles is a city where dreams can come true.

This is where a young cartoonist came with a simple drawing of a mouse and built the Magic Kingdom known as Disneyland. It is where an American businesswoman think a doll named Barbie. It is birthing movies and movie stars. And where about half of all new businesses are created by immigrants.

In addition, Los Angeles is where dreams of Special Olympics athletes will come true in 2015. All Los Angeles is ready to celebrate the courage, determination and joy of athletes.

This will be evident when 7,000 Special Olympics athletes march to the Coliseum in Los Angeles and demonstrate their skills during nine days of competition.

Costa Rica is the largest delegation of Latin America in the summer world games.

  • Number of Athletes: 222
  • Coaches and assistants: 60
  • Delegates: 4
  • Doctors: 4
  • Sports: 21

The delegation of Special Olympics Costa Rica that will represent us at the next World Games had their first camp living and recreation facilities of Parque Sendas in the Alto de Guadalupe where in Elige Tu Deporte had the opportunity to interview different athletes and coaches to learn more in depth as they prepare to represent the country in the face of these righteous.

Our first interview begins with Ariana Guerrero.