The best of the national downhill approaches

The Copa Ciclón of downhill 2015 is about to begin Sunday February 1, at the famous track Bisteck located in San Antonio de Escazú at 10 am, the entry for spectators is free, has about 130 competitors, these are divided into several categories which are:

  • Beginner: people who have never done a descent.
  • Pre expert: for those with more practice in descent
  • Cadet: children 10 to 14 years
  • Youth:  boys 15 to 18 years
  • Master: Competitors aged 30
  • Elite: those who practice this discipline professionally
  • Rigid: only for people who have front suspension

Carlos Castillo one of the organizers tells us about the start of the downhill in Costa Rica, with 13 years of practice and 10 years after the founding  Ciclón Bike Shop. "At the beginning we saw the great void that was in the sport with the poor organization, so we tool the events and championships in our hands. It had 30 competitors, today there are about 500 riders. The major achievement for this organization of downhill was having a delegate of the UCI, in the Central Championship 2014, further positioning Costa Rica internationally, promoting the initiative to create a Central American Cup held in each country. "

This Ciclón Cup promises a good show, the thrill of the participants is reflected, hoping to provide a great show for this Sunday, a different choice of recreation in San José.

Humorous Note: Why they named the track "Bisteck"? Downhill Terminology: - It looks like a cheap Bisteck JUST NERVES.