The first champions of the Inter-school Bodyboard Tournament

Successfully the first Bodyboard Intercollegiate Tournament held last weekend in Playa El Hoyo, Caldera, Puntarenas, event podiums athletes Loi Solano (Open) and Mikaela Cubero (Ladies) as winners, this initiative will be running annually.

Thanks to the Youth Action Foundation organization, local Carlos Fallas and supporting secondary schools in Chacarita and the Meritorious José Martí, a  Bodyboard tournament whose mission is to get away from drugs the youth of the country and to lower the dropout rate.

This first event brought together students from schools and colleges from around the country. In total 32 bodyboarders, separated into 3 categories -Open, Open Female and Male-Dropknee opened in the perfect waves of Caldera El Hoyo this weekend burst up to 1.5 meters high.

Note that the competition was achieved by giving free registration to competitors, a move that provides  greater participation of competitors for next year.

"The Bodyboard and is a highly practiced in our province discipline. Thanks to the amazing waves we have for the exercise of this, more and more young people point to try and we are very happy to be active students, "said Carlos Fallas, organizer.