The Homeless National Football team

The Homeless National Football team (Soccer Homeless) will be sworn in on Monday October 13 at 4 pm at the National Sports Council, prior to their participation in the Chile World Cup 2014 to be held in Santiago next Saturday 18 to Sunday 26 of October.

The inauguration ceremony of the Costa Rican team will be held in the Hall of the Council, located in the northeast sector of the National Stadium, where he will attend the seven players and three members of the coaching staff that make up the delegation and who will travel to Chile Friday 17 October.



1 Alberth Bustos Mora (26 years)

2 Jeffrie Eduarte Flores (21 years)

3 Jhoset Pérez Montero (32 years)

4 Rafael Ordoñez Arango (22 years)

5 Kevin Paniagua Esquivel (20)

6 Randy Ramirez Fernandez (35 years)

7 Durman Vindas Ruiz (20)


8 José Luis Fernández Monge


9 Nelson Porras Solis

10 Miguel Madrigal Naranjo