The Importance of Physical Activity for Mental Health

¿Have you ever thought about how many hours a day you spent sitting? On a full working day in an office job, it would be approximately 8 hours per day. Also, add the times of food and travel back home in any mode of transportation, which keep us in that position. Not to mention that perhaps we get to our home and we go to bed to watch TV, or sit down again to talk with a family member or friend about our day.

Think about yourself. Your body is in the same position for at least 12 hours a day! Not only causes a physical exhaustion, but also mentally. We often think that becuase of having a busy life, it is almost impossible to have time for physical activity, but you should stop and include it in your agenda, because a few minutes per day will bring great benefits to your health.

When doing some kind of physical activity that includes an energy expenditure, the body releases endorphins which are known as "hormones of happiness". Walking our pet, get off one station before when riding on a bus and walk to get home, biking, jumping rope, running, dancing, and even doing household chores trigger the release of this hormone.

Start with short activities like those mentioned above, and perform them repeatedly every week until they become a habit and eventually become part of your routine. Start with small changes and identify the differences not only in your body, but also in your emotional state.

Gradually you will notice the change. Do not be afraid of sports or physical activities, these are our allies and will help us maintain a healthier and happier life.

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Paola Vargas Gómez Psychologist

I am a Psychologist located in Costa Rica. I currently specialize in the study of Logotherapy and the meaning of life, for which I use advanced techniques such as the EMDR methods. I believe nothing happens by chance in this world and we all have a purpose in it. Personally, I am an animal lover, I enjoy exercising, listening to music and reading.