The Motul Motocross National Championship 2014 is Finished

The Motul Motocross National Championship 2014 came to an end on Sunday with the MT Helmets Cup on the track La Olla in Sabanilla of Alajuela and where the biggest winner was the audience who enjoyed a day full of excitement.

For the second consecutive year an American gets the national title in the MX1 class, this time the award went to Colten Nichols with the Pasion Kawasaki MX team with the number 595, leaving the runner-up in the hands of Costa Rican Roberto Castro of Team Suzuki CMX number 191.

The winner of the day was also Nichols, who won two first places. Castro finished second in the day, In the MX2 eight points separated the main title contenders, Alejandro Rojas MX Kawasaki Passion and Esteban Castillo with the Jet Repsol KTM team.

The big star of the day was the American Zach Ames with number 3 of team green, who was crowned winner  after the two heats of the day.

The balance of the championship tipped in favor of Rojas number 70 from the first start and he was second place overall with a combined 44 points. Castillo, number 65, was not enough to fight and close the gap and he finished in sixth place in the  the first heat with 18 points and second heat with 14 points.

Third place on the podium was for José Scott Vargas with the number 94 and the third in the overall championship went to Esteban Mora also with a KTM bike and 11th.