The Surf and Rugby are recognized by the Olympic Committee of Costa Rica

The Olympic Committee of Costa Rica, in the Extraordinary General Assembly held on Wednesday February 18, established by unanimous represented the recognition of the Federation of Surf of Costa Rica and the Federation of Rugby of Costa Rica.

"After several meetings and recieved all the administrative and legal requirements necessary to be recognized by the Olympic Committee of Costa Rica, last night the Presidents of the Federations and Sports Associations of our country accepted the incorporation of the two disciplines whom we receive great satisfaction for the good work they do, "said Henry Nunez, President of the Olympic Committee of Costa Rica.

Notably sports "Recognized" are those disciplines in an Assembly or Extraordinary Sessions shall not be entitled to vote in an Assembly Olympic Committee as if they Affiliates. To take the next step to membership in the we are waiting for the Rugby Federation is affiliated full before the IRB and discipline Surf is included in one of the events of the Olympic Cycle participates in Costa Rica.

"Yes, both recognized disciplines such as affiliates of the National Olympic Committee, any and all athletes and leaders can use our facilities, medical, psychological, nutrition and physiotherapy besides being able to use our logo if required and participate in all activities and events scheduled by the CON " said Núñez Nájera.

Although the sport of tables is not an Olympic sport, is recognized for its high performance national and international projection to be part of the record of Pan American sports, most likely in Lima 2019.
Also, yesterday in this same Extraordinary Assembly, the Costa Rican Association of Racquetball step to be Costa Rican Racquetball Federation.