The tico participation ends in singles category

The tico participation ends in singles category

The latest national hopes in singles yesterday lost their duels in the tournament and opportunities that appear are over. There are still three chances in doubles, two female and one male.

In the morning hours they were going to take the leap Sofia Perez and Tania Aizenman, at the same time on the court 3 was Pérez and Aizenmann on the central court facing tournament seeded No. 12.

Perez faced Meible Chi, American world number 945 who had eliminated Thaisa Pedretti number 102 in the world and seeded # 7 of the Cup. The result was not expected and Chi won both sets with good lead, 6-2 the first and 6-3 the second.

Aizenman played against Maria Paula Torres, Peruvian who has already won a couple of junior tournaments, one in Honduras and one in Paraguay; It was a duel between world number 1456 222 against.

Despite the difference in ranking, the difference on the court would not exist and the tica demonstrate that in the first set, losing 6-7 and reaffirm in the second set winning it 6 to 4. The last set was where experience and fatigue could make a difference and so Torres won 6-3 ending the dream of the girl of 14 who showed to have a very promising future.

Our last hope

For night games played the best ranking Costa Rican lefty Eugenia Camacho, 16 against Olivia Hauger, a year older from Tulsa, United States. In papers she was the 87 seeded world number six against world number 1147.

The fans supported the national from the start with applause and a chorus of "Eu eu eu" but the to play on the central court before the whole audience was new to the tica and increased nervousness. Likewise it would remove that nervousness and was going to start in a big way, couples with the rival, 1-1 in the first two games and even then would put up 2-1.

The US would react Camacho breaking the serve and then taking advantage 3 to 2. It was the turn out for our last hope in the singles tournament, but a double fault, a ball outside and another left on the net were getting the point to the opponent.

For the next point Hauger took out the best in her repertoire, an excellent kick, a reverse that is hard and a couple of trips to the net to finalize the 5 to 2. Then came a rise of Camacho which incorporated forces and managed to place balls in the corners for Hauger could not reach.

From 3-5 "Eu" would take us to 4-5 breaking the opponent's service, and in this game she knew counteract the game in the opponent's net. The audience waited hopefully a draw and to go forward.

Time to serve for Camacho, but the advantage of having the service was not going to help to achieve the point, a pair of double faults plus good plays made by Hauger did close the first set 6-4 against national.

The second set would be different, starting with the Tulsa player and a service full of power, 40-0 and there was no answer by Camacho, 1 to 0. The tica responded and matched with a good game background.

Again 40-0, another service and Hauger took advantage 2 to 1. The favorite was going to break the the service of Camacho, showing the best move of the match, which was to the net, attacked and Camacho answered twice, but now the third ball was impossible to save.

Came the 4-1 with a strong service to the visitors, again no response from Camacho. Eugenia react and put the score 2 to 4. The concentration affected the North American and a bad service, a double fault and the best move of national, hopes were back with the score 3-4.

It came the closure, hit or die, but to our interests Hauger would find her best game here and was going to break the service of Camacho and then sticking our hopes with a 6-3.