Ticos looking for good results in the Grand Prix of Taekwondo

The city of Manchester in the UK, will become the site of the first results of the Grand Prix Category G4 Ranking of the World Taekwondo Federation, in which 32 positions of each Olympic category are invited to participate. 

Katherine Alvarado, Heiner Oviedo and Kristopher Moitland have the privilege to compete with elite athletes demonstrating the quality and talent of the Costa Rican taekwondo. 

The taekwondista Katherine Alvarado will be competing this Friday October 24 in the category of -67kg while Heiner Oviedo and Kristopher Moitland will be doing on Saturday 25 October in the -58kg and + 87kg categories respectively. 

This team expect to get major points in the World Ranking with a view to their qualification for the 2016 Rio Olympics.