MOVeat wants to make you part of the REAL story about finding a healthy life. For two months we have been sharing with you the experience of Naty with the nutritional support of Sofy as a nutritionist, and we have tried to teach you tips to choose your food better and prepare these important nutrients of your daily diet, in creative ways.


This week we want to present you the results of Naty’s measurements for the second month, in which we met 2 times: before and after Easter, because for most of us, this week becomes a reference for changes in our routine, exercising and / or eating different could influence our nutritional status.

Because of changes in Naty’s training routine and according to the defined nutritional goals: Reduce body fat and increase muscle mass, keeping the weight. I gave Naty an eating plan that will provide nutrients for obtain the results under this premise, and Naty tells us a little about her experience with this new plan.


Life is up and downs, it’s the way it is and it’s never gonna be always the same. All days are different; thank God ‘cause if not, I couldn’t imagine how boring could be a life where every day is the same. And well, there’s good and bad news sometimes.

Before Easter I went to Sofy’s office and I was doing a killing routine, a new nutritional plan, which had me nervous ‘cause there were a lot of carbs on it, and sometimes the professional knows and you have some doubts. What I wasn’t expecting was this amazing result.

In only 17 days I managed to lose 3% of fat (a thing I almost never achieved) and I gain 2 pounds but I increased my muscular mass in 2%, which means that it doesn’t matter that I gain weight ‘cause the only thing I want is lower my body fat percentage, this were amazing news that proves that with the guide of someone who knows about nutrition and other one who knows about exercising, is enough to achieve your goals and in a little time.

Then, Easter came and everyone who follows me on Healthy Happin3ss would know that I did all my exercise and eat very well I really did not abandoned my routine even at the beach. But being away from home and depending on the kitchen of different restaurants even though I just ate dinner outside and tried to select what I thought was best for me, changed a little bit the results. Just after Easter I saw Sofy and despite my effort to keep on going, I had a step back on my results, I gain weight and body fat percentage, nothing too serious as Sofy said, but the illusion of the good workwent a little bit down.


As a result of changes in Naty’s routine, as she mentioned, especially the change in energy expenditure of exercise, and the variety of other places to eat, modified those results (a little). Naty increased 1.5% fat, 0.7% decreased muscle mass along with increased waist 1cm, and gain 2 pounds, of what she lost before Easter, which, compared with the results we presented to you a month ago, we can say she achieved the goal of losing fat and increase muscle, not with a big difference that had achieved before Easter, but still succeeded. This process is to become better, to achieve a sense of wellness and feeling healthy, through perseverance     the results we want are achieved, even though you live a few days you can’t control all the variables.

The results of this month are as real as Naty, like you and me. We all have ups and downs but our attitude, discipline and perseverance play a key role in this story to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


At the end the conclusion and what everything proves is that we can’t be perfect, that life will always put us into circumstances that will change things a little, but the important thing is that you keep being healthy all the time, sometimes is not going to be as precise as you want or as you would do it, but being put and a lot of days away from home, is a difficult thing to control even though if you try to keep everything as you normally do.

I can imagine that you maybe went through the same thing and what is important is to go back home and continue chasing your goals, not letting you fall and keep on improving your results, keep on going.

As I told at the beginning, not all days are the same, now we all should go back and push yourself harder, and if you didn’t even started, start now, it’s never too late. I’m going tokeep on going, focus on my goals for having very good news on my next meeting with Sofy. Life’s beautiful when you have a lot goals to achieve and when you have to put your effort and show yourself how strong and powerful you could be when you really want something.

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Sofía Ochoa Ávila Dra. Sofía Ochoa, Nutrititionist

Sofy have a degree in Nutrition, shes graduated since 2010, and duly registered at the Association of Professionals in Nutrition with the code 658-10 and owns AyE Nutrition, Nutritional Counseling and Education. She give's private nutritional care and counseling in different nutritional themes and speaks the Costa Rican Sign Language (LESCO).

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Natalia Salazar Graphic designer, art director and professor.

Naty is a designer that at some point in her life, in the middle of wedding plans decided to live a healthier life and the less thing she was expecting was to fall in love with all to that. Now she shares all her experiences at her blog and on social media in order to motivate other people to do the same and continue through this path together.