What leaves us with the 50th Vuelta a Costa Rica?

The ratification of the king, fourth titles in the giro of Costa Rica, with Raabe are the only with two championships in a row; plus historical leader with 18 stage wins.

The Rojas brothers make something never seen in Latin America and possibly the world, 1-2, not only in general but also to do so in one stage tandem repeated on two more occasions.

César after having been without a team became champion of the mountain, deputy leader of competition, stage winner and a luxury gregarious for Juan Carlos.

Ronald Araya animated the giro literally from beginning to end, won the first stage in Limon and also won the last in La Aurora. In stages online has that unique brand and it is noteworthy that is his first time running around the country

The retirement of an ex-champion, Federico "Lico" Ramírez (BCR-Pizza Hut) ran his final lap at 39, he was champion in 2000 and is second in stage wins.

The Junta de Protección Social – Bicicletas Giant counted with Juan Carlos Rojas for the 2013 competition, but yet they managed to defend the team title. 

The return of Roman Villalobos was positive, because after almost two years of inactivity in competitions returned to a high standard, finished fourth in the overall standings and won a stage.

Joshua Gonzalez made an excellent race, dressed in yellow, but lacked to keep up with the Rojas brothers. For its part another former champion present was Henry Raabe who exhibited a very good level finishing in the top 10 and winning the tough stage of San Jose - Perez Zeledon.

Arnold Alcolea for the second time won the bonus sprints. Foreign participation not doing so well because if we remove the Alcolea accomplishments, the foreigners only won two stages, one Argentina and Russia; Yelko Gómez surprised and Santofimio animated.

The public was present in good quantity and although many have never ridden a road bike closely follow this competition because it is part of the Costa Rican tradition. Now it remains to wait 12 months to live the 51st edition.