What to do before a Knee Pain?

Problems in this joint may seriously limit those who suffer from pain, inability to move fluidly, and the apparition of injuries in other joints.

This condition is one of the main causes of consults in physiotherapy. Being a very complex joint in it´s mechanics, causes of injury could be: a direct blow or sudden movement, wear of the joint, rheumatic diseases, obesity, use of improper footwear, inappropriate practice of certain sports, among others.

What should I do to avoid an injury of this type?
   1.Control your weight.
   2. Exercise with the guide of a professional.
   3. Maintain good muscle tone.
   4. Choose the right footwear for your activity.
   5. Consult with a professional on the subject at the first moment of the onset of pain.
   6. Do not resume normal activities until directed by your physiotherapist.

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