ON #MOVeat, during 14 weeks we have been sharing with you a number of recommendations to achieve to have a healthier lifestyle, motivating you to exercise, but above all, giving you tips, ideas and suggestions to improve your diet and nutrition.


It is important to be careful in the way you prepare your food and the timing or amount you consume, to have a healthy diet, but what you're going to drink, a single glass or with a meal or snack, can be the key to further improve your nutritional status.


Every day we feature a large variety of beverages for hydrate us, satisfy us, take away our thirst, and give the perfect accompaniment to a meal or the final touch to a celebration or “fun time”. However it is extremely important to know some details of some of them, and what is the right time for each time:

  1. Water: It is a drink that should be consumed (1 liter of pure water a day, at least), which will help keep well hydrated throughout the day, and cleanse the body, daily.

    NATY: Water is a main character from the time I wake up until I go to bed, she’s always there. I love to drink water, if I don’t do it for a while I really need it and before each meal it can’t be missed. If you don’t like it that much maybe you can start drinking it at least before each meal, at the end of the day you would end up drinking a few glasses and if you don’t like its taste, maybe you can add it some line

  2. Coffee or tea: They don’t provide calories, but you have to be careful with the amount of sugar you use to sweeten them, and the type of milk with which you drink them, if that's how you like it. What is the recommendation? Drink them without sugar, with sweetener or a maximum of 2 teaspoons of sugar (if you drink once a day) and skim milk. Cappuccino, latte or mochaccino are usually ways to prepare coffee that use more sugar and milk with more fat, so it is not recommended sweetened even more, or drink them daily.

    NATY: The best thing is to get used to drink everything without sugar, I need coffee in order to continue living, I couldn’t imagine what would happen if I add sugar or milk to it everytime I drink one, I’m used to drink it black and unseewtened, it actuallly is an acquired taste because 10 years ago I didn’t even liked coffee. So, my advice is to learn to drink coffee and tea without sugar and if you really can’t do it try to look for the best sugar subtitute.

  3. Milk: It is best to consume skim, since this provides a small amount of fat (0%). If you're lactose intolerant but you consume lactose-free milk looks for an alternative that is low in fat. You can drink almond or soy milk that are quite healthy as an vegetable alternative. You can consume it about 2 times a day.

    NATY: When it’s about milk, it’s a little hard for me because I never find the time to drink it during the day, and now that I drink protein after exercising it’s perfect for me, so, if it’s difficult for you too and you don’t drink protein, maybe you can take advantage of snack time and make a somoothie with your favourte fruit or drink some milk with your afternoon snack.

  4. Juices: If you want to prepare it yourself, try to use a very little amount of water, and take advantage of the sweetness of the fruit to avoid extra sugar. If you choose any juice already prepared and packaged, remember to read the ingredient list, in that way you will make yourself sure that it does not have added sugar.

    The ideal is to consume fruit juices during the week as a healthy and refreshing alternative of your servings of fruit.

    NATY: Juices could be tricky, when I’m drinking a juice, wherever I go I ask for it not to be with sugar. The same as coffe or tea, without sugar is the best option, at the beginig will be hard because we all are used to consume sugar, but when the days pass, I can asure you that a while after trying it you are not going to like sugar anymore.

  5. A natural drink:: If you're going to prepare yourself a natural drink, remember to choose seasonal fruits, these are sweeter and you'll require less of sugar to give it a good flavor. Avoid eating “natural drinks” made with pulp (including fruit smoothies made with pulp) as these have a lot of sugar. You can use sweetener if you prefer to sweeten it.

    NATY: My first option is always water, but once in a while we can crave for a natural drink to have with food, I drink it without sugar but if you don’t loke it or the fruit is too acid, the best thing to do is to use a sugar subsitute or even honey that is not free but natural at least.

  6. Sodas: Ideally, avoid them because these provide a lot of sugar. One can of regular soda gives you 10 teaspoons of sugar, and the “light or diet” alternative have more amounts of sodium but do not provide calories, so their consumption should be little, and not daily.

    NATY: Soda is really bad, I would think that everyone at some point had felt bad for drinking a soda, they also have a lot of sugar. The best thing to do is not to drink it at all but if you do it let it at least be a diet one; there’s people who prefer it regular, the only thing I can think of when I see one is in the 10 teaspoons of sugar that they have, if it doesn’t frighten you I don’t know what would because I think it’s terryfying.

  7. Beer: In a “light beer” there is about the same amount of calories that in a slice of bread, and if you consume 1 bottle of regular beer there is around 2 slices of bread (as an equivalent) so it is important to controls beer consumption not just for the alcohol effects, cause it has a lot of calories too.

  8. Alcohol (shots, digestives or wine): 1 glass of red or white wine can bring you the same amount of calories than light beer, the foaming has even more calories, and liqueurs will bring empty but significant calories to your diet, that can be responsible of your health condition; so it is better to avoid them, but if you consume them try to not consume more than 2 drinks and avoid to do it every week.

    NATY: I see it in this way: I make an effort all week eating healthy, exercising and throwing all away to lose it all like that, we can’t forget that alcohol it’s like eating carbs, I prefer eating a toast than drinking a beer or a whiskey. Sometimes friends can be an obstacle in our not-drinking resolution but we have to focuse on this and do not let it affect as, but if you really want to drink something maybe you can exchange it for a carb portion or just enjoy one without abusing it in order to not ruin your effort.

Finally, the conclusion is thar water should always be the first option, that the drinks matter and that you have to think well before drinking them, try to make smart choices with the least or no sugar and of course without stop enjoying it.

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Sofía Ochoa Ávila Dra. Sofía Ochoa, Nutrititionist

Sofy have a degree in Nutrition, shes graduated since 2010, and duly registered at the Association of Professionals in Nutrition with the code 658-10 and owns AyE Nutrition, Nutritional Counseling and Education. She give's private nutritional care and counseling in different nutritional themes and speaks the Costa Rican Sign Language (LESCO).

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Natalia Salazar Graphic designer, art director and professor.

Naty is a designer that at some point in her life, in the middle of wedding plans decided to live a healthier life and the less thing she was expecting was to fall in love with all to that. Now she shares all her experiences at her blog and on social media in order to motivate other people to do the same and continue through this path together.