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Professionals dedicated to:

Functional and Personal Training

Improve Sports Performance.

Taking care of your health.

Mission: Our company originated to meet the needs of many people to improve their athletic performance, or simply physical health. BEVOCAMP Functional Training Center aims to help all those high performance athletes, elderly people, people with disabilities, obesity and sedentary persons to achieve their goals and objectives in less time through our personal training services, sports, therapeutic and nutrition.

Vision: BEVOCAMP Functional Training Center in Costa Rica seeks to establish itself as a company dedicated 100% to sports, health and performance through our systems localized and customized training; thus giving a guarantee that our work will be done with the effort, commitment and quality you deserve.

Values: We are a company that believes faithfully in a good physical work and a healthy diet are the basis for achieving the best results. So BEVOCAMP Functional Training Center is based on five core values ​​that our customers are satisfied with our work. They are:

Responsibility: we know that we acquire many personal responsibilities as social, it is important for us to demonstrate a good understanding of the environment with our customers and understand that we must respect guidelines and rules.

Discipline: One of the most important values ​​is often part because our cover letter, as it includes essentials such as punctuality, set objectives and achieve them, respect ways of thinking and have the conviction to end things and not leave them socks.

Self-criticism: Keep in mind that as humans we tend to err, but also understand that such errors are acquiring experience and knowledge essential to evolve starters.

Proactivity: It means making decisions daily about the opportunities that present themselves daily, act positively to problems that may occur and be able to react effectively.

Perseverance: stand up and fight every day is our main feature. Persevere includes a mentality to problems daily.
Objective: "Train and Supérate Yourself."

Target market:

Women - Men
Children - Elderly citizens
People with obesity, injuries or disability.
High performance

We want to reach all those people looking to improve their health or physical condition through physical activity, exercise and sports, with professional and personalized assistance.

Costa Rica Heredia Belén

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    400 meters west fromPalí in San Antonio, Belen, Heredia.