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Extreme , Alternative Parkour Facilities

We are a sports association that seeks to promote parkour throughout the national territory, in all ages and for both men and women. In addition to creating public spaces for the practice of this discipline, with steps to train and develop as athletes structures.
Our goal is to provide spaces for all people to be physically active and learn the benefits of the movement, as well as giving them an option to know this discipline and practice. We are open to any help or suggestions that we can provide to achieve our projects, we also offer presentations to different events Parkour wherever they introduce themselves. Our goal is to offer a different alternative to the population, where they can develop physical and psychological skills movement.
Parkour or art movement needs a balance between body and very strong to execute tricks and strokes mind, social relationships, discipline, peer support, self-competence and self-improvement, physical and mental strength, agility, power is also developed, spatial perception, proprioception. Comprehensive development where people learn to move fluid, dynamic and creative way is sought. The practitioners of parkour and are characterized by lovers of movement, freedom, creativity and urban lovers but also of natural areas. For all this it was that the association was created, as we seek to collaborate with the company to develop upstanding citizens and moving, making a very healthy and fun activity.

Parkour nationwide is little known, however, there is a part of the population who practice it and others who support and admire it or not practice. The idea is to grow and positively contributing to society. Parkour Costa Rica is growing and we are a different, fun, healthy, exceptional alternative.

The link to our official website is: www.facebook.com/asociacionparkour/timeline

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